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Aging Well: 22 Tips to Help You Briliantly

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I found this list really inspiring. My faves are Breathe, Let it Go, and Pass On What You Have Learned. I have incorporated these simple rules into my life and it really keeps me optimistic.

Simply taking a deep Breath brings me back to consciousness especially when I feel stressed, fearful or angry.

Regret has often left me feeling sad and shameful. Now when I see this emotion arise in me I look at it and just Let It Go! It is so liberating to not to allow my emotions to follow my mind.

Passing On Life Lessons really lets me know how much wisdom I have gained in my 58 years as well as having the opportunity to inspire and motivate a young person. It allows me to see how I have grown and really makes my journey worth it!

See an excerpt from the list below:

1. Breathe

“Breath is the power behind all things. Your breath doesn’t know how old you are; it doesn’t know what you can’t do. If I’m feeling puzzled or my mind is telling me that I’m not capable of something, I breathe in and know that good things will happen.”
Tao Porchon-Lynch, yoga instructor, age 94

3. Let It Go

Regret is poisonous. Here’s how to ditch it.

20. Pass On What You’ve Learned

Whether we’re in our 20s or much older, we all need to feel that we can share something of value with others — and this can mean different things to different people. Maybe you’d like to volunteer in a classroom or raise awareness about an environmental issue. Whatever you choose to do, having a chance to impart your knowledge solidifies your sense of self, affects how you perceive your place in the world, and helps you appreciate what you’ve learned over the years — all key components of aging well. Plus, research indicates that we may become more adept at recognizing and solving everyday problems as we get older, which is reason enough not to keep what you know under wraps.
Linda Fried, MD, dean of the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University and cofounder of AARP Experience Corps, an organization that’s placed thousands of adults 50 and older in elementary schools as tutors and mentors

I invite you to share your faves. As well as any  new ones that work well for you and how they have impacted your life.

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